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National Seminar : 13th April, 2016 on "Sustenance and Enhancement of Quality in Teaching-Learning and Evaluation"

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Proforma of Biodata for B. A. III and M. A. II Students



Meeting Notice of Academic Council & Governing Body

To provide quality education to youth and inculcate ‘Rayat Culture’ in them for their all-round development.
To impart value based education to make the students responsible citizens

  • To impart higher education to the youths from the mofussil areas with a view to enable them, awaken the masses educationally, socially, culturally and intellectually

  • To inculcate the dignity of labour and self-reliance in the students

  • To facilitate the boon of higher education for the women deprived of their legitimate right to such education

  • To promote all-round personality development of the students through curricular and extracurricular programmes and activities

  • To enhance mutual understanding, co-operation and secular outlook of the student community

  • To channelise creative and academic energies of students towards enabling them to keep pace with the challenges of time


Chhatrapati Shivaji College is the first college of the Rayat Shikshan Sanstha, established in 1947 by the founder of the Sanstha, Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil. It was basically free and residential. The opening of it was a great social event as it was going to provide higher education to the youths from the mofussil areas of Maharashtra. Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil had already started primary and secondary schools for the education of the illiterate masses. There were only one or two centres of higher education in the western Maharashtra. Karmaveer Anna opened this college as a centre of higher education for the poor and needy students. The college laid stress on a very novel kind of educational philosophy. The students admitted here had to work in 'Earn and Learn Scheme' to earn their education. They had to stay in the hostel irrespective of their class, caste, colour and creed distinctions. Karmaveer made all efforts to inculcate the essential values as self-reliance, dignity of labour, secularism and national feeling in the students. He treated this college as a laboratory for the youths to become able bodied, able-minded and ideal citizens of the country. The college boasts of this tradition and takes every effort to strengthen it. The desire of Karmaveer that collegiate education should be brought within the reach of the students drawn from economically handicapped and educationally backward sections of the community came to be fulfilled through this college. Karmaveer did not like the white collar attitude in the students. He thought that they must earn for their education through self-help. Hence, the motto is 'Laborare Est Orare.'
The college through its 'Earn and Learn Scheme' has produced a good number of principals, professors, educationists, administrative officers and eminent personalities in the cultural, social, political, educational and co-operative fields. It has played indeed a vital role in shaping the state of Maharashtra.
Initially, Karmaveer wanted to open Science Faculty College but he had to satisfy himself with Arts Faculty College as the circumstances demanded. However, soon Science and Commerce faculties were started in 1958 and 1959 respectively. In June 1965 and June 1971 these two faculties had their independent units in Science College, Satara and Dhnanjayrao Gadgil College of Commerce, Satara.

Founder: Padmabhushan Dr.Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil     Established: 1947 
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